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Jan-Aadhaar Yojana

Jan-Aadhaar Yojana was envisaged and announced in modified budget 2019-20 by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan with an objective of “One Number, One Card, One Identity” for the residents of the state. 

Rajasthan, being the largest geographical state of the country, has its own specific challenges in delivering government services to the residents living in far flung areas; hence needed a robust electronic mode of service delivery to do away with the snarls of physical delivery so that the benefits of the public welfare can be delivered at the door-step to residents in a transparent and leakage-proof manner. Jan-Aadhaar Yojana fulfils this objective and unifies the entire service delivery ecosystem of the state with a single-card, single-number, single-identity philosophy by reducing multiple channels of government to reach to the residents to only one! 

The Jan-Aadhaar number aims to be the single identifier of a family and also an individual. It is the sole vehicle on which delivery of all kinds of cash as well non-cash benefits and services are riding and reaching to the door-step of the residents through an intertwined network of e-Mitra kiosks.
Rajasthan Sampark Rajasthan Sampark aims towards providing citizens with a centralized platform where any citizen of the state can lodge his/ her grievances to the respective departments. It primarily consists of a State level Call Center with integrated web portal which will act as a single point of contact for addressing and redressing various citizen centric queries and grievances related to government services. Citizens can lodge their grievances against any government department/ office through this portal and the grievance will further be sent to the respective office/ department for redressal.
E-Mitra E-Mitra is an ambitious E-governance initiative of Government of Rajasthan (GoR) which is being implemented in all 33 Districts of the state using Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model for convenience and transparency to citizens in availing various services of the Government and Private Sectors under a single roof at their door steps using an e- platform.
e-Procurement The eProcurement System of Rajasthan enables the Tenderers to download the Tender Schedule free of cost and then submit the bids online through this portal.