Supporting Institutions

Supporting Institutions of Industries

1-    RIICO :  Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Limited (RIICO)  has pioneered industrialisation of the State of Rajasthan by setting up of industrial areas. RIICO also acts as a financial institution by providing loan to large, medium and small scale projects. The district level office is situated in industrial area, Jaisalmer

2-    RFC  (Rajasthan Finance Corporation) : RFC providing long term financial support to tiny, small scale and medium scale industries in the State of Rajasthan. The Corporation is continuing to work as a Catalyst of development for translating into practice the industrial policies and priorities of the Central and the State Governments as also for providing and improving upon immediate assistance in the planned and balanced development of industries in the State, particularly in the small and tiny sectors. The district level office is situated in District Industries Center, Jaisalmer

3-    Rajasthan Khadi and Village Industries Board : Planning the development of Khadi and Gramodhyog. Organize Programs and make their implementation, employment opportunities to Low-income people and artisans through Khadi Gramodhyog, Provide training to artisan, Provision of raw materials and finished goods to market, develop the co-operative spirit in artisans etc. are the major work of RKVIB. About two month ago, District level office has shifted to divisional level. The divisional level office is situated in District Industries Center, Jodhpur.